Subject has been overblown, says Yeo

The Straits Times | Nov 22, 1993
By: Tuminah Sapawi

"I THINK the subject of hanky-panky among senior citizens has been overblown," says Mr Yeo Cheow Tong, Minister for Community Development and Health, referring to the recent controversy started when Mr Peh Chin Hua, an MP for Jalan Besar GRC, warned last month against extramarital affairs among senior citizens.

Says Mr Yeo: "Basically, the elderly are responsible people - they've been through life enough to know the danger of such an action.

"Most of them, when they get together, they're looking for companionship among friends.

"Hence, senior citizens clubs are useful because they allow them to get together to t alk or play chess. They don't come down for other extraneous factor. Oh yes, in every group there are bound to be some black sheep.

"We should not overplay this problem because it makes the elderly very sensitive about how people read their intentions.

"It makes them act unnaturally. There is also the danger that they won't come forward and join in the activities.

"So, while there's a need to highlight it, I don't think the press should overplay the issue."