We need more MPs like Mr Peh

The Straits Times | Apr 1, 1999
By: Madam Lee Pui Fun (reader)

I REFER to Sharon Vasoo's interview with MP Peh Chin Hua, "Peh: I have no apologies for what I am." (ST, March 28).

I am surprised he has been described as old-fashioned and uptight. I believe the man has his ears to the ground; there are no ivory towers for him.

The issues he has raised in Parliament show he is one of the rare few who know what is really going on and, more importantly, he is a person who is not afraid to tell the truth.

It must be comforting for many parents and educators to know there is a voice out there for them.

We should have more MPs like him, who are willing to try and set things right, or else the next generation will not be able to stay ahead of the competition and carry on the superb work that has led Singapore to where she is today.