MP : This is OK
The New Paper | Jul 25, 1997
By: Yvonne Lim

TOO hot for the camera?

The Programme Advisory Committee (PAC) thought so, when it recommended a dress code for TCS stars attending big events.

New Paper readers felt so too, giving hot-shorts Fann Wong (right) the thumbs down in a poll recently.
But not this MP, it seems.

Mr Peh Chin Hua, MP for Jalan Besar GRC, says TCS stars dress okay. "There was no occurrence of over-exposure in the past or present," he told Parliament in Mandarin yesterday.

Mr Peh's view is all the more unexpected - to those who know the MP's self-confessed "conservatism".

In his nine years in Parliament, the Chinese-educated MP has spoken up hawkishly on topics ranging from discipline in schools, R(A) films, to Internet abuse. Earlier yesterday, he suggested a curfew to curb teen

Mr Peh, group managing director of a publishing company, said: "Stars are not MPs, teachers or lecturers who need to set an example to their students.

"As stars, their dressing is usually fashionable, more daring. Their dressing is fine as long as there is no over-exposure. Modern, trendy and sexy dressing should not be a problem."

In 1995, Mr Peh had criticised the PG rating of the Jodie Foster movie, Nell, which had nude scenes. He asked if it wasn't double-standards now to interfere with TCS stars' dressing.

With Singapore set to be an Asian film hub, he said it shouldn't have dress codes.