Peh follows his dream

The Straits Times | Oct 20, 2001
By: Sharon Vasoo


JALAN Besar GRC MP Peh Chin Hua announced yesterday that he is stepping down after 13 years, the first PAP member to announce he will not contest the coming election.

Mr Peh, 53, said his growing business in China required him to travel a great deal and he wanted to finish his MBA course.

"It isn't fair to my residents and grassroots leaders if I can't be around for them. I will definitely miss all of them. They are like family to me," he said.

But it was time to move on, he told reporters yesterday. He said he had been asking to step down since 1997.

In Parliament, his was the voice of the Chinese-speaking conservative speaking out against foam parties, lax censorship of movies and indiscipline in school.

Always colourful, always forceful and always in Mandarin, he was targeted by critics who said he was out of touch.

The father of three said he looks forward to spending more time with his family. "Being able to go back to school is probably the happiest thing that has happened to me. It's my life's dream."