None of 38 cinemas allowed to show R(A) films in HDB estates

The Straits Times | Mar 21, 1995
By: M. Nirmala

ONLY 38 out of 111 cinemas in Singapore are licensed to screen R(A) movies, and none of them are located in Housing Board estates.

Of the films approved for first viewing, 15 per cent are rated R(A). If repeat viewings, an indication of viewership level, are included, R(A) movies receive 13 per cent of viewership.

Information and the Arts Minister George Yeo gave these figures on Friday to assure MPs that R(A) movies were not proliferating.

Even the advertisements of R(A) movies in the newspapers, which took up about 20 per cent of advertising space, were "severely controlled", he said.

To Mr Peh Chin Hua's (Jalan Besar GRC) objection to the semi-nude and nude scenes in the PG-rated movie Nell, which the MP said should have been R(A)-rated, Brigadier-General (NS) Yeo said he would refer the matter to the Films Appeals Committee.

But he said there was no blanket ban on female nudity, even in PG-rated movie. "It depends on the context and whether it is exploitative."

He cited the documentary series on the Shaka Zulu on television, which contained pictures of topless women. But it was not censored as the nudity was neither lewd nor exploitative, he explained.