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Peh Chin Hua has been a regular contributor to Singapore's national Chinese-language daily, the Lianhe Zaobao, since the 1970s. Most of his early articles focus on Singapore society and politics, while recent essays are often on Chinese society and development, as well as on cross-straits relations between China and Taiwan.

In the past decade of so, his writings have attracted the attention of China's top leadership. In 1991, his article discussing China's reforms was published by Xinhua news agency in a book titled Overseas Newspapers Views on China. Later, Chinese premier Li Peng personally presented copies of the book to Peh. In 1993, an article he wrote on the brotherly ties of China and Taiwan was well-received on both sides of the Taiwan Strait and Taiwan's Senior Minister Pan Zhengqiu paid him a personal visit in Singapore to express his appreciation.

In 2005, Peh's article criticising the Chinese youth's anti-Japanese riots was picked up by the People's Daily as well as newspapers in Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United States. It was also widely discussed on the Internet by Chinese youths.

He also contributes to the PAP's organ, Petir. In 1990, his article urging the Singapore Government to consider dual citizenship for Singaporeans led to active discussions in the mass media, including an editorial in The Straits Times.

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